Sacred music festivals

Completed Projects

In 2008 "Muzika Festiva" conducted three sacred music festivals:

Sacred Music Festival "Ave Maria" as a tribute for the painting of Our Lady of Šiluva during its stay in
 St. Archangel Michael Garrison Church, Kaunas.

Young Performers Festival of Sacred Music, "From The Heart";

First Advent and Christmas season festival of sacred music, "Christmas at the gate".


First International Young Performers Sacred Music Festival, "Jubilate Deo."

The second festival of Sacred Music, "Christmas at the gate", to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the historical E. F. Walcker organ, and 20th anniversary of Music Academy, Kaunas Faculty.


Third Advent and Christmas season festival of sacred music, "Christmas at the gate", dedicated to celebrate the 90th anniversary of J. Gruodis Conservatorium.

Over 100 professional musicians from Lithuania, Germany, Great Britain and Russia have participated in our festivals, as well as a variety of choirs and the Brass Band of the Music Academy in Kaunas Faculty.